About Us

ClubVirtual subscribes to the notion that art and philosophy are connected. That modern works of art, including NFTs, appear to radically break with all traditional art.  Art is more than aesthetic properties and puts more emphasis on art’s pancultural (containing elements from all cultures) and transhistorical (transcending historical boundaries) characteristics.

We are proud to feature art from our surrounding regions including countries of Oceania and the African continent.  ClubVirtual provides a platform to showcase these masterpieces where otherwise on other platforms these artworks would be lost among the millions and millions of other pieces (NFTs).

ClubVirtual sports a multi-blockchain technology platform thereby providing creators / artists the choice and flexibly in the way in which they wish to sell NFTs including low to nil gas fee minting options (including minting-on-demand), multiple selling methods (auction, fixed price, make-an-offer), royalty payment options for subsequent NFT sales, unlockable content choices to enable inclusion of high-resolution images via IPFS and / or other tangible (virtual and / or  physical) inclusions to NFTs.

The underlining blockchain technology adopted by ClubVirtual helps solve the classic problem of transparency in traditional art markets. Collectors / buyers can have confidence that the artworks they buy are authentic originals. Blockchain tokens (in the form of NFTs) provide buyers / collectors the ability to certify authenticity, and track works from creation to sale and beyond, using the equivalent of a permanent unalterable digital chain (blockchain) of receipts of ownership, as well as condition notes in the form of smart contracts.

Hence the ClubVirtual NFT marketplace is one of transparency, engagement, inclusion and access to all for both the artists and collectors.  Artists / creators, regardless of their cultural diversity, popularity, social standing and geographical location will always have a platform on which to feature and sell their art / creations.  Whilst collectors are offered equal access to wonderful artists’ / creators’ authentic works, which otherwise they may not have had such an opportunity. 

This is the concept of democratising the art world in which ClubVirtual along with its creators and collectors are playing their part.